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Where We Are Not

Diploma exhibition by graduates of the Rodchenko Art School of Photography and Multimedia

June 9 - 20, 2022

Rating: 16+

The show was put together by: Sergey Bratkov.

Partners of the show: Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, Sphere Contemporary Art Foundation, Arttube.

The aspiring young artists taking part in the exhibition submitted a wide range of works, from photography projects, paintings and drawings to installations, videos and VR projects to video games.

The exhibition highlights included Inna Ekhos's mirror yurt, an object dealing with ecological issues; while visitors were invited to take a tour of Mikhail Marushkin's soundscape inside the Borovsk prison castle or follow the adventures of the heroine in Evgenia Panina's video game as she tried to escape from a house party and deactivate trauma caused by violence. In her video essay Welcome Back, Veronika Komarova reconstructed the long lost pictures of her best friend and her childhood city in a bid to find their faint echoes inside her new reality.

The exhibition also featured photography projects by Alexandra Breus, Elizaveta Vdovina, Vlada Volkova, Svetlana Sokovikova, and Anna Chechkina; drawings by Alexey Zhuravlev; paintings by Anna Afonina and Mikhail Savelyev; abstract minimalist sculptures by Tatyana Dmitrieva, and many more works.

Anna Afonina, Alexandra Breus, Elizaveta Vdovina, Vlada Volkova, Vera Vishnevaya, Tatyana Dmitrieva, Alexey Zhuravlev, Rafael Zulfugarov, Maresy Ivashchenko, Oleg Leinov, Veronika Komarova, Varvara Kuzmina, Mikhail Marushkin, Svyatoslav Oleinik, Evgenia Panina, Pavel Polshchikov, Maria Romanova, Mikhail Savelyev, Anastasia Safonova, Daria Senicheva, Svetlana Sokovikova, Maria Ulyanova, Lilia Filina, Tatyana Chernomordova, Anna Chechkina, Inna Ekhos.


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