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History of Multimedia Art. Leningrad - Saint Petersburg. 1985 - 2000

September 8 - October 31, 2021

Rating: 18+

Curated by Viktoria Ilyushkina

The exhibition "History of Multimedia Art. Leningrad - Saint Petersburg. 1985 - 2000" reconstructs the complex picture of the intensive development of new methods and technologies in art during those years. The spirit of freedom, democracy and creative experiment that arrived in the USSR following the launch of Perestroika reforms proved to be a major influence on aspiring independent artists and directors who evolved their vision and avant-garde art by exploring emerging technologies.

The exhibition curators have put together and systematized their transition from analogue to digital technologies. From the first independent films shot by underground directors and artists to video art to synthetic performance and happenings; from traditional collage and photo collage to digital collage, computer programs and visual effects, editing and installations. This evolution resulted in the emergence of new trends in art such as Internet art (web art and net art), VJing and DJing, sound art and artistic experiments with media space, which have been gaining further ground in the 21st century.

The list of art groups and associations that were active in Leningrad, which was renamed Saint Petersburg in 1991, and contributed to the emergence of new art trends in Russia in the early 1990s includes Independent Cinema and Parallel Cinema, Necrorealists, The New Wilds, Rechniki, New Artists, New Composers, Pirate TV, New Academy, Partnership of The New Dumbs, AKhE, Engineers of Arts, Cyberfeminism, Gallery 21, Emergency Exit, Svoi and Factory of Found Clothes art groups.

The exhibition features experimental works by pioneers of Russian media art - films, collages and installations by Olga Tobleruts, Egor Ostrov, Konstantin Mitenyov, Dmitry Pilikin, Timur Novikov and Sergey Shutov, Galina Ledentsova, Lyudmila Belova, Engineers of Arts and Emergency Exit art groups; animations by Timur Novikov, computer-generated music videos by Andrius Venclova, Rechniki and New Composers.


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