28.11.2018 – 10.01.2019

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28.11.2018 – 10.01.2019

A test group is a social unit selected for an experiment, one which is becoming increasingly dispersed, illusory, and transparent, and whose subject is growing more and more elusive. If the world today is not a world of information, but a world of experience, then how fundamental to our being is this "test" mode of existence, and how does this idea affect various artistic practices?..

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The Arrival of a Train

March 23 - May 20, 2018

The large-scale exhibition project "The Arrival of a Train" features more than 100 works by Russian and foreign artists and is hosted by the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation. The show deals with the train as a phenomenon of the global culture: its dynamics, the way it storms into the scene, its arrival transforming the reality, all of which has long become a classical metaphor of changes and the inexorable march of history.

It was the image of the train, and all the contexts and connotations that go with it, that have enriched contemporary art and opened up a special space of artistic communications. The technological and industrial world, which came into existence during the rise of the machines, only became fully fledged and gained its unique character following the advent of the railroads, which enabled our civilization to travel to anywhere in the world by moving over landmasses, through tunnels and across bridges.



Kosygin: To the 112th Anniversary

The "Kosygin: To the 112th Anniversary" catalog was prepared by the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation together with the Federal Archival Agency and the State Archive of the Russian Federation for the opening of the historical-documentary exhibition "The Kosygin Phenomenon".

The publication "Kosygin: 112 th Anniversary" is a great scientific research work, familiarity with which will be of interest, both for the professional community, and for all who are interested in history and culture.


"The Imperial Gardens of Russia"
VI International Festival

June 7-16, 2013   
Saint Petersburg, Mikhailovsky Garden of the Russian Museum

The Sixth Annual International Festival "The Imperial Gardens of Russia" and the exhibition-contest, organized in the frames of the Festival have got unusual name "Платомания - Platomania". "Plantomania" was the word used by Catherine the Great when speaking of her love of plants and gardening in general. According to Catherine the Great’s letters she used to dig in the garden with a small spade by herself, the Empress has also hand copied hundreds of pages from an English treatise on gardening.
The participants of the exhibition-contest 2013 implemented the main ideas of the English Garden on the territory of Mikhailovsly Garden.

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