Sphere and Cross

Exhibition of new arts by Andrei Filippov

April 18 – July 28

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April 18 – 28

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Maria Molokova. Optical hearing
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Julia Vergazova
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Julia Vergazova

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Sphere and Cross 6+

Sphere and Cross
April 18 - July 28, 2019

The exhibition consists of two logical parts. The first one is new paintings and photographs with the artist's two-headed eagles; the second is the installation "Perspectives of Conceptualism", ommazh of the action "Ten appearances" of the group "Collective Actions" (CA).


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Blind Spot 18+

Blind Spot
April 18 - 28

A blind spot is an innate particularity of perception. Human beings are used to not noticing many things that remain in this gap, moreover, our vision often extends only to essential aspects of life that suffice for a comfortable existence.

The rugged terrain of the exhibition, which cannot be mapped in detail, is the result of various transformations the students undergo during their course. Its landscape is composed of linguistic ornaments and also the remnants of non-linguistic communication, translation of speech into the visual and the visual into sound.


Past events

January 23 - March 24, 2019

Dmitry Lyashenko's exhibition "#moon_is_ours", organized in cooperation with E.K.ArtBureau. This project is about the impossibility of escaping your own self, no matter how far you travel, even if you are going to the Moon. It also urges the visitors to bear in mind that technical breakthroughs and innovations do not necessarily guarantee changes for the better.

The boundless outer space is something people have been interested in for ages, but whereas they could only dream about space travels before the second half of the 20th century, nowadays, flights to the Moon no longer seem to be out of the ordinary. Colonization of Mars, space tourism and other suchlike things, which previously belonged in sci-fi novels and films, are something we see in news broadcasts on the TV these days.


January 23 - March 24, 2019

Group exhibition New Landscape features seven photography projects exploring the landscape as a means to reflect on the new post-Soviet culture. The artists focus on the everyday and the mundane, that which is habitually ignored yet provides abundant information about contemporary Russian society.

The changes that Russia has undergone in the recent decades have been dramatic and they are clearly manifest in the landscape. The global transition from the industrial society to the post-industrial has been augmented by Russia's transition from the planned economy to the free market, from the Soviet to the post-Soviet. Uniform shopping malls, gated communities, urban sprawl - for the featured artists all these come as manifestations of the new post-Soviet landscape being born. Brought together the works create a portrayal of what may be a transformation of a landscape and a culture unprecedented in scale and pace.


Being and Time
January 23 - March 24, 2019

Valentin Korzhov's personal exhibition.

Displayed at the "Being and Time" show are possible earthly incarnations of the geometry of celestial bodies as Valentin Korzhov uses photos of galaxy clusters, nebulas and asteroid belts to make prototypes for his works. The artist has created a unique method of connecting the dots of light sources on the pictures of space he uses to model his objects.

Valentin Korzhov's works, on display at the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, resemble "cosmic casts", which hardly seem to be human-made, telling the visitors about the forms of life across the Universe. The artist gives shape and form to intangible cosmic voids. By asserting the primacy of the "ideal law" of being over time, he materializes the relationship between civilization and outer space. Valentin Korzhov's oeuvre refers to the archaic knowledge of the Universe. Back then, your idea of the "dimensions of life" depended on your imagination. This approach could also prove applicable nowadays as a means to cognize being and time.


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The Soviet statesman who had the talent to be boss of Ford or GM

Russia Beyond the Headlines / November 24, 2016

A new exhibition of photographs in Moscow is dedicated to Soviet reformer Prime Minister Alexei Kosygin. Favored by Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev, Kosygin was responsible for the introduction of dramatic reforms in the 1960s, attempting to bring elements of a market economy into the Soviet system years before perestroika...

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Oleg Tselkov: la liberté du prisonnier

La Dame de Pique / June 30, 2014

«Prisonnier.» C'est le mot qu'Oleg Tselkov emploie pour parler du rapport à son art. Il se sent prisonnier dans sa création. Et ce constat, il le fait tout sourire. C'est un prisonnier heureux, accompli, libre. Cette prison, il a commencé à la bâtir lui-même en 1960 lorsque le premier de ses personnages s'est invité dans son œuvre, pour très vite ne plus laisser place à d'autres thèmes, à d'autres inspirations, à quelque intrus que ce soit. Aujourd'hui, il n'a plus vraiment le choix. Inlassablement, il peint ces étranges figures...

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