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Fabrice Hyber "The Immortals"

September 8 - October 3, 2010

The freedom in creating different life strategies and survival methods as for my own actions as an artist as in public's vision is a very important opportunity for me. That's why I'm so interested in the results of the latest philosophical and scientific research.

The main task for me is to show and to prove our ability to imagine as hypothesis all options for own actions and their consequences. As if the melting of ice or an avalanche could uncover the archeology of our personal histories and desires. I do this in order to give rise the other forms of future – a journey through time or even immortality.

In this journey to Russia, I would like to show a freedom of invention to live and survive, as I described above...

Fabrice Hyber

Artist's biography

Fabrice Hyber, a French artist was born in 1961 in Vendee. He received a mathematical education and then entered the National Fine Art High School of Nantes. Almost immediately after graduation he becomes known for his ironical and has no similar work. Over 20 years Hyber “balances” between drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and video in his creative activity and using materials and techniques untypical for an artist.

Since 1986, Hyber regularly exhibits his works in Arlogos gallery (Nantes) and Froment-Putman gallery (Paris). Belonging to the circle of artists whose art is directly related to social life, Hyber creates so-called POF (Prototypes d'Objets en Fonctionnement – Prototypes for Acting Objects). Using them he distorts the appointment of everyday things and exposes to a mockery their usual perception by a person.

The artist feels closely within the walls of studio, so he removes his installations to the streets of Paris and Tokyo, arranging "K'iber-Rally" (C' hyber rallyes) which implies finding POFs. The project attracted thousands of participants who, following the instructions and answering questions, seek out a "treasure". Thus, Hyber sets a link between the art and the public.

In 1997, Fabrice Hyber represented France at the 47th Venice Biennale of contemporary art and transformed the France Pavilion into the recording audio and broadcasting television programs studio. For the project Eau d'or, eau dort, odor, Hyber won "Golden Lion".

In 1999, the creativity of Fabrice Hyber "goes" on the stage of a musical theatre - Moscow Academic Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theatre. Using POFs he creates "chaosography" for the Prokofiev's ballet "Romeo and Juliet" by Angelin Preljocaj. Six years later he renews his experience as scenic designer and costumier working already at the ballet to music by Vivaldi "The Four seasons".


The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation;


Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow;

Retz Production;

The Cultural Foundation “EKATERINA”

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