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Being and Time

Valentin Korzhov's personal exhibition

January 23 - March 24, 2019

Rating: 6+

Curated by: Kirill Alekseev

Time is told by the movement of stars.
Being is elusive.
Art is a tool for exploring time.

The Ekaterina Cultural Foundation's latest project, titled "Being and Time", is a solo show by Moscow-based artist Valentin Korzhov. The new exhibition will take up the Foundation's entire second floor and will comprise more than 50 works by the artist, including sculptures, objets d'art, photos and videos.

Displayed at the "Being and Time" show are possible earthly incarnations of the geometry of celestial bodies as Valentin Korzhov uses photos of galaxy clusters, nebulas and asteroid belts to make prototypes for his works. The artist has created a unique method of connecting the dots of light sources on the pictures of space he uses to model his objects.

Valentin Korzhov's works, on display at the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, resemble "cosmic casts", which hardly seem to be human-made, telling the visitors about the forms of life across the Universe. The artist gives shape and form to intangible cosmic voids. By asserting the primacy of the "ideal law" of being over time, he materializes the relationship between civilization and outer space. Valentin Korzhov's oeuvre refers to the archaic knowledge of the Universe. Back then, your idea of the "dimensions of life" depended on your imagination. This approach could also prove applicable nowadays as a means to cognize being and time.

Valentin Korzhov lives and works in Moscow. He is a member of the Sculpture Section of the Moscow Union of Artists. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions. The artist's solo shows took place at the 11.12 Gallery at the Moscow Contemporary Art Center Winzavod ("Flesh and Sky", 2018), the State Darwin Museum in Moscow ("Lessons of Natural History", 2017), the Voronezh Academy of Arts ("White Barrow", 2014), and the Gogol Center in Moscow ("Archeology of Memory", as part of the Parallel Program of the 2013 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art).

"Being and Time" was part of the main project of the 2018 Tashkent International Biennale of Contemporary Art.

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