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Daria Usova's solo exhibition

December 12, 2019 - January 26, 2020

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The large-scale show of Daria Usova's work deals with Walt Disney Studios films and Russian fairy tales. The retrospective exhibition of the world-famous artist will take place at the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation.

Daria Usova's collages, made in her trademark Pieces Art technique, are owned by leading art collectors from across the globe as her work is admired by both members of royal families and the global jet set.

The exhibition will strike a chord with everyone who takes an interest in the latest trends, who takes pleasure in intellectual and eye-catching art and who is not averse to dreaming about hidden desires.

Even little children will no doubt enjoy Daria Usova's fairy-tale world, so feel free to take them with you.


The exhibition is made up of two parts; the fairy-tale Actual Art series is vibrant like the graffiti you see in the streets while Serenity concerns the incompatibility of the environment and the object.

The works from the Actual Art series resemble social media posts. These collages tell stories about the present-day society, they are a kind of allegory of the comic book that is life. Bits and pieces of these mosaics are comparable with social media hashtags. Here, the message of the collage is translated into the virtual world of the Internet. Characters we know from Disney films and Russian folk stories interact with real-world problems, and this is how a fairy tale becomes a reality. Interestingly enough, this is exactly how the younger generation handles new technologies, which is why the ideas behind the collages are crystal clear to modern-day kids. Millions of images are viewed online daily; they've long become part of our lives, which proves that visual information does not vanish but is being reborn instead; it was before us and will remain after we are gone...

The Serenity series is a showcase of strong individuals through the material embodiment of animals. The artist moves her characters through space by means of her unique palette, that is, fragments of glossy magazines.

Daria Usova's works are riddles that cannot be solved completely since they raise the question of the meaning of life. But the mental processes they trigger cannot be stopped and the thoughts they provoke will sooner or later lead the visitors to the answers of their own.


Daria Usova was born in the Russian city of Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea in 1986. She studied and worked in Moscow. In 2006, when Daria Usova was an up-and-coming artist, her works were added to the collection of the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

"I was raised on the glossy magazines of the 1990s and 2000s and I describe my time just as Kabakov and Novikov describe theirs", says the artist.

Daria Usova pioneered and patented a technique of collage known as Pieces Art.

As of today, Daria Usova is the official artist of the Principality of Monaco, where she creates works for the Royal Family. Daria's art has been exhibited at Art Fairs and shows in Monaco, Switzerland, Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Miami.

Daria has created projects for private banks such as Barclays and Société Générale and worked with various Russian art galleries, including Stella Art Gallery, Ruarts Gallery, and Winzavod center for contemporary art.


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