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January 23 - March 24, 2019

Rating: 6+

Dmitry Lyashenko's exhibition "#moon_is_ours", organized in cooperation with E.K.ArtBureau. This project is about the impossibility of escaping your own self, no matter how far you travel, even if you are going to the Moon. It also urges the visitors to bear in mind that technical breakthroughs and innovations do not necessarily guarantee changes for the better.

The exhibition occupies the three halls of the Foundation's ground floor. It is made up of five large-scale paintings, a sculptural group and two installations.

"What I do is rip some of the pictures of our everyday information traffic out of their usual context and place them on the gray, cold and lifeless Moon - to shift the focus and highlight what I think is important in this never-ending line of ever-changing images," Dmitry Lyashenko explains.

The boundless outer space is something people have been interested in for ages, but whereas they could only dream about space travels before the second half of the 20th century, nowadays, flights to the Moon no longer seem to be out of the ordinary. Colonization of Mars, space tourism and other suchlike things, which previously belonged in sci-fi novels and films, are something we see in news broadcasts on the TV these days.

In his works, Dmitry Lyashenko depicts astronauts, that is, people living extraordinary lives. Still, the scenes and poses seem to be vaguely familiar making it easy for us to identify the stories as the artist based his works on photos of landmark events, popular images and typical situations - easily recognizable memes. It is ourselves we see in his characters, even though they are wearing ridiculous spacesuits and move clumsily because of the different gravity on the Moon.

The artist looks to tell us that, even when traveling to new destinations and leaving the Earth behind, we can hardly leave behind the paradigm that has become inherent in people in the course of evolution. There is no way we can break away from being who we are, wherever we might go, because we will still be taking with us our rules of interacting with the environment, our cultural codes and our reality.

The #moon_is_ours exhibition is a gentle and lyrical way to remind us that there is no place like home and that problems should be solved while running away from them is hardly the answer.

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Dmitry Lyashenko
Born in Luchegorsk, Primorsky Krai, USSR on July 8, 1997.
Studied at the Architecture and Design Department of the Kuybyshev Far Eastern State Technical University in the city of Vladivostok from 1994 till 2000.
Studied at the contemporary art school "Free Workshops", affiliated with the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, from 2011 till 2013.
Winner of the contests "Factory Studios. Session II" in 2015 and "Factory Studios. Session III" in 2016. Center for Creative Industries Fabrika, Moscow.
Finalist of the design contest for the monument to victims of political repression. 2015.
Longlisted for the Kuryokhin Prize in the Best Curator category, Saint Petersburg. 2015.
The artist's works are owned by the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, as well as by private collectors in Russia, Australia, France, and Turkey.

Established in 1995 by Elena Kuprina-Lyakhovich, an art curator, art advisor to private collectors and exhibition organiser.
Elena was shortlisted for the 2011 Innovation Prize, awarded to winners of the all-Russian contemporary art competition, in the Best Curator category as one of the curators of the show "Field of Action. Moscow Conceptualism in Context. The 1970s - 1980s", held at the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation in 2010.
E.K.ArtBureau has been instrumental in staging more than 150 solo shows and group exhibitions both in Russia and abroad.

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