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Pattern: Artists on Sensuality

A look at sensual art in Eltsina Art Projects' new exhibition.

December 11, 2019 - January 25, 2020

Rating: 18+

The exhibition brought together five independent artists, who work with different media and formats but are united by the concept of the sensual perception of the world.

The show focused on five artists, each of whom has a strong DNA in their creative work and expresses their ideas within their own two-dimensional or three-dimensional space, be it sculpture, photography or video art. Each of them explores fragments of their environment and the concept of fleshliness with exceptional delicacy and passion.

Art photographer Katya Turkina is looking for an answer to the question of what becomes of a human body after it gets caught in the infinite news feed of the present and the future? Yan Yugai takes unique pictures in a small village in India making chance his assistant and partner as he captures people and things he sees within the radius of 50 meters.

Yugai's aesthetic minimalism corresponds to the carefully calculated proportions in the poetic works by sculptor Andrey Molchanovsky. In Aleksey Pankin's sculpture, a viewer can still make out the shapes of a human body, even though they are deconstructed and barely recognizable. The artist takes anthropomorphic forms but turns them into abstractions, or is it the other way round? Alissa Tim is also a master of open endings as she tends to leave it to the viewers to decide whether the people in her photos are observers or rather things observed.

All the five artists, who took part in the exhibition, are united by their candidness and independence; none of them has signed any contracts with galleries or agencies, making them free to do whatever they please the way they like, something that is quite rare and therefore valuable these days.

Plus, one of the ideas behind the exhibition was to make the works on display readily understandable and easy on the eye.

Curator of Eltsina Art Projects Violetta Gorina said:
"We endeavored to decipher the viewpoint of each participating artist and prompt some kind of dialogue between the artists and the visitors, which would eventually throw light on what the artist had in mind."


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