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The Voice of Moscow

September 26 - November 30, 2014

Curator: Marina Rudenko.

The Voice of Moscow exhibition starts a completely new chapter in the Foundation's exhibition programme. The Foundation has opened the door for the first time to a completely new generation of young artists to stage an experiment in its exhibition hall.

These artists were born in 1980s, so this generation grew up during the era of drastic change, as Russia once again appeared on the map, with the Soviet Union and Perestroika long gone and left behind, just a childhood memory. One of the main subjects this project examines is how those events could have unconsciously influenced the work of the new generation of artists.

Free access to information and freedom of choice – whether you want to study contemporary art at an art school or rather mature on your own – have helped the exhibition participants develop their own stance. Each artist has hopefully managed to come across crucial personal and generational themes on the vast expanses of contemporary art. Their fears, doubts, wild emotions, extreme pastimes, thoughts on all kinds of subjects, childhood secrets and dreams, all of it makes the exhibition very diverse and full-bodied. The artists create their own worlds and are eager to show them to others.

On the one hand, the Voice of Moscow show is a kind of marker that indicates how well the new educational institutions are doing. However, this rule is not set in stone, as the project, along with the graduates of the Rodchenko School, the Institute of Contemporary Art and Free Workshops, etc, features artists, who cannot boast an art education on their CV, but who identify themselves as artists and have been acknowledged as such by their fellow young artists.

This project comes as a surprise career step for this generation of "times of change", since many of them are more used to exhibiting their work at abandoned houses and factories than on the white walls of proper exhibition halls. The young artists, supervised by the "grown-ups", have staged "an authorized intervention" in the academic space of the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation. What will come of this implantation, what will be the result of this unique “exchange of experience” between the high-profile art institution and what at first seems to be a randomly assembled group of young artists (even the most sophisticated art lover would hardly know half of the names on the list) led by a first-time curator? Perhaps, such an unexpected combination will help us better understand one of the possible directions for Russian art to develop in, get to know new artists and guess who and what Moscow will be calling for in the near future.

Artists: Natalia Aleksander, Anastsia Alekhina, Lyudmila Anoshenkova, Kirill Arsenyev, Konstantin Belyaev, Diana Burkot, Olga Butenop, Uliana Bychenkova, Arnold Veber, Angelina Vorobieva, Kuzma Grigoriev, Petr Davydchenko, Ekaterina Danenova, Yulia Zhdanova, Anna Zhelud, Eva Zhigalova, Alisa Yoffe, Elena Kasimova, Sergey Kasich, Alina Kleytman, Anastasia Kreslina, Zhenya Krikova, Yuri Kuevda, Viktoria Malkova, Angelina Merenkova, Roman Mokrov, Polina Moskvina, Roman Putyatin, Mayma Pushkareva, Sergey Scherbakov, Alexey Ribenok, Marina Rudenko, Maksim Santalov, Svetlana Sergeeva, Tatiana Sushenkova, Natalia Timofeeva, Anna Titovets, Ivan Tuzov, Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov, Alya Khestanti, Anna Khodorkovskaya, Evgenia Chapaykina, Olga Shapovalova, Stepan Shushkalov, Yasha Yavorskaya

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