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Biography of Frédéric Mitterrand

Attended the Janson-de-Sailly secondary school, Paris; graduated in history and geography at the Nanterre faculty of Paris University;
completed post-graduate studies at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Paris.
Taught economy, history and geography at the Ecole Active Bilingue private secondary school, Paris (1968 - 1971).

Cinema career 
He appeared on screen for the first time at the age of 12, under the name Frédéric Robert, in Fortunat with Michèle Morgan and Bourvil. 
From 1971 to 1986 he ran the Olympic and Entrepôt chain of 14 arthouse cinemas. 
He has made numerous documentary series about great 20th-century figures as well as films for cinema (see filmography).

Television and radio 
He has produced and presented television programmes including Etoiles et toiles (1981-1986), Acteur Studio (1986-1987), Ciné-Fêtes (1984), Permission de minuit (1987-1988), Destins (1987-1988), Etoile Palace (1990), Du Côté de chez Fred (1988-1991), C'est votre vie (1993) and Les Amants du siècle (1993). He relates the lives of great historical figures and takes a special interest in royalty.

2002 - 2006: hosted interview programmes on Match TV and Pink TV.

2003 - 2005: director of programmes for the TV5 international channel.

After a long partnership with Europe 1 he now produces and presents Ça me dit, l'après-midi on France Culture. 
1996 - 2002: general curator for France's Tunisia Season, Morocco Year and Czech Year. 
1998 - 2000: president of the Centre National de Cinématographie’s southern collections committee.

1981: Lettres d'amour en Somalie 
1984: Paris vu par… vingt ans plus tard 
1995: Madame Butterfly, an adaptation of Puccini's opera

He has made two 10-hour series on the fall of the monarchies in the early 20th century: 1998: Les Aigles foudroyés 2000: Mémoires d'exil 
and various television films including Tunis chante et danse and La délivrance de Tolstoï

La mauvaise vie, Robert Laffont, 2005 
Un jour dans le siècle, Robert Laffont, 2000 
Les aigles foudroyés - la fin des Romanov, des Habsbourg et des Hohenzollern, Pocket, 1998 
Mémoires d'exil, Robert Laffont, 1990 
Une saison tunisienne, Actes Sud, 1995 
L'Ange bleu : un film de Joseph von Sternberg, Plume, 1995 
Madame Butterfly, Plume, 1995 
Les Années de Gaulle, Edition n1, 1995 
Monte Carlo: la légende, Assouline, 1993 
Destins d' étoiles, vols. 1, 2, 3, 4, Fixot, 1991-1992 
Lettres d' Amour en Somalie, Editions du Regard and Pocket, 1982. 
Three Sept d'Or trophies (television) - Jean Louis Bory prize (cinema) - Roland Dorgelès prize (radio/television).

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